WordPress – ups, downs, and inbetweens


I’m a big fan of WordPress for 2 main reasons:

  1. It is seriously user-friendly (especially for all the folks without a coding background like me)
  2. It has great SEO functionality

When I started blogging on this platform, I had no prior experience creating my own website/blog. With the WordPress platform, I could pick a theme, customize it, and publish my first blog post within a relatively short amount of time. Coming to WordPress with a very basic amount of website management knowledge, I felt confident in navigating the platform with no previous ideas of what it was or how it worked.

Additionally, the SEO functionality of WordPress seems to be top notch. Although the SEO of this blog was never my main focus, WordPress has tons of SEO plugins that enable users to optimize content, meta tags, keyword focus, and more. Again, the usability of this SEO tools make WordPress a proven leader in content management systems.


Moving on to my biggest annoyance on WordPress —

the updates.

Updating my dog blog hosted on WordPress is the bane of my existence. -Barack Obama, probably.

Every great human/thing/platform has its fair share of problems. For WordPress, the never-ending updates always get me. I understand the need for updates on themes, plugins, etc., but I don’t understand how there are always so many so often. I hear there’s a plugin that allows you the ability to set updates to automatically update in the background, so maybe that’s worth a try.


In regards to the scalability of WordPress, I believe it can be utilized for both small blogs and large enterprises. Because WordPress is a very popular, open source platform, there’s a possibility it may be more vulnerable to security attacks. If an enterprise wants to use WordPress, just like with any other CMS, it must to take proper security precautions that ensures the security of their site.



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