Changing Social Media Landscapes

Incorporating social media into corporate and personal communication strategies can be a strategic investment. From delivering personalized customer service to building brand reputation and identity, social media empowers people to connect with their audience in ways that were once impossible.

Another thing about social media – it’s always changing. Platforms are being added, subtracted and updated to better meet the needs of their consumers, and this makes it difficult for even the biggest of social enthusiasts to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Cue Brian Solis, digital analyst who sought to share the digital transformation of social media through a handy infographic: The Conversation Prism. And just like social media is constantly evolving, the Conversation Prism has gone through multiple versions to keep up with the current landscape. The objective of the Conversation Prism is to help anyone better understand and engage with the current state of social media.


The latest, Conversation Prism 5.0, has some distinguishable changes compared to its predecessor (4.1).



4.0.jpgHere’s some takeaways from the two latest Conversation Prisms:

  • YOU are always in the center: Let’s face it – it’s practically impossible to establish a meaningful presence on every single platform. That’s why it’s critical for you to establish what your main goals are in using social media. In both prisms, it always starts with you.
  • Listen, Engage, Learn, and Co-Create are the newest and next best steps: Solis adjusted the pillars for meaningful engagement (vision, purpose, value, commitment and transparency) and redefined them in a broader, simpler way to digest.
  • Goal Focused, not Business Focused: Rather than dividing the outer halo by businesses departments (HR, sales, etc.), Solis adjusted the prism to help the viewers better understand the main functions of each platform. For example: Let’s say I want to listen to what the influencers are saying about video collaboration – according to the 5.0 prism, I should look at platforms to listen to what contributors on AllExperts or Quora are talking about regarding the latest video collaboration technologies.
  • Some platforms are changing categories: While Pinterest fell into the Social Curation category in 4.0, it jumped to Social Commerce in 5.0 after the addition of the “Buyable Pins” feature.
  • New platforms call for new categoriesConnecting IRL wasn’t even a thing for 4.0 because apps like Tinder, Bumble and vina weren’t big yet. As new social platforms emerge, new categories will follow.

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